Meet Liz and Aaron


The story of liz and Aaron is a story about timing.

They met in the fall of 2008 in Los Angeles, where they were both attending USC Film School.  He was a teacher's aide in one of her classes.  He thought her eyes were captivating.  She thought his sweater vest was adorably dorky.  They were both dating other people at the time, so all they shared was a crush, and nothing more.

Graduation day came.  They walked the same stage, shook the same hands.  And then life took them their separate ways.  He began a career writing for TV.  She began a career teaching high school English.  He slipped and broke his tail bone.  She slipped and broke her ankle.  He had to sit on a donut pillow for 18 months.  She had to push herself around on a scooter.  Their lives went on as such...

...until one fateful day in early 2013.  Aaron was trolling the internet dating sates, searching for "The One."  A pair of eyes jumped out at him from one of the profile pics.  It was the same pair of eyes that had captured him five years ago.  His heart leapt!  Could it be...?

Yes!  It was Liz!  The stars had finally aligned!  She'd just created her profile and Aaron was the first guy to message her.  Hey, it's that cute guy from USC!  What luck!  Why, yes, I'll go on a date with you!

From the first date on, Aaron and Liz quickly fell for each other.  They went on adventures.  They laughed together.  Cried together.  Got a cat together.

Do you know they have a cat?  There are pictures below.  They really want you to see them.

So, that's their story!  And before you ask, no, their cat will not be taking part in the ceremony.  But there might be an alpaca.


Our engagement photos from Kappen Photography


Some other photos of us:


And the moment you've been waiting for: PICTURES OF THE CAT OF HONOR!